CHAOS AROUND THE COUNTRY |Effects From A Broken World | Rest In Peace George Floyd

You will never hear me take away from the murder of this young man. For there are many forms of murder in this world. Some murders are loud and clear and others go unnoticed, but nevertheless murder is still MURDER! How disgusting and how terrible, my heart is aching over this as I too think about my young nephew and what the future will be for him.

I am in conflict when it comes to prayer. For I find myself asking the Living God, Jesus Christ, to come back, come back, come back. But then.. the sudden thought of knowing the many people who I love and care about that do not truly know Him nor believe in Him, for how terrible life and the afterlife will be for them after the coming of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So then I switch my prayer to , “Lord God, come back after so and so is saved, come back after so and so is saved.” But then I stumble across realities like this within this picture and am reminded also of the truth that the longer this earth continues to age the more wickedness will increase and abound if people continue to walk on the path of darkness, as we are seeing with what happened in this picture and what is happening across the country right now. With that, I pray now, “Lord God, come back, come back, come back!”

For every person has a choice that is presented to them: to do things God’s way through His Son Jesus Christ or not. For God continues to leave the choice up to us and at the end of the day it still is a choice. And our consequences is contingent upon the choices that we make.

To all my prayer warriors out there, begin praying heavily for the Lord’s Return. For the Lord God to begin to display His justice and His righteousness upon the earth. Currently we are all under the patience of a Holy God, but my friends I tell you that His patience is running thin.

To any person that does not know the Christ and His Father, our Creator, my friend, God truly does love YOU and does not wish for you to perish and live a life of torment, but indeed wants you to repent and believe Him. To turn from the path that is contrary to His way, and go to Him through His Son that is offering to take away your penalty of sin.

What you see in this picture is NOT of God but of the enemy. This indeed is not part of God’s will. However we live in a broken world and will continue to see this as long as people choose a lifestyle of sin.

As many continue across the country to hurt and cry out over the loss of this man, instead of judging them for their pain, may we try and empathize with them and if necessary guide them out of the dark and onto the path of life. Jesus proclaimed that He is the way, the truth and the life, which means true life is only found in Him. And for the ones acting a fool , breathing more violence and chaos, be of good judgment and stay away from such people. For vengeance belongs to the Lord, for He is the one who will repay.

Praying for our country and praying for the Lord’s return. Blessings to you all!

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