A Writer’s Block

As I sit here on my computer, typing up my first blog in the last two years, I suddenly realize that I have ran into some type of block…a writer’s block. For those who are unaware, a writers block summarizes coming to halt in creativity, unable to produce new content for yourself or for the rest of the world to see. This is called a writer’s block, but I stand here writing through it. I suppose I hit this block due to the consequences of taking a two year backseat in writing, while being engulfed in the major life changes that have taken place. These changes involve the two big “M’s” that also add on to ones identity. Can you guess it? Marriage and Motherhood. I suppose we can add a third M to that, known as Ministry. Because all the while I was taking a backseat in writing, I put in high gear my ministry for Beautifully Rewritten, then met my husband, and now just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy, starting in October 2020. . Perhaps I can write and fill whomever is interested in on the wondrous works of God and how He set my husband and I up in the middle of the pandemic. And perhaps as I write about this, I can sharpen my skill in hopes that it will breath creativity and inspiration back into my writings once again.

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