Communicate Your Doubts/Assumptions | Fostering A Relationship God’s Way

Beautifully Rewritten Daughter of God,

To the one who is struggling in a personal relationship, blessed one this letter is for you.

You see child, I actually want you to win. I want you to experience the love that I have created for you to enjoy. I want you to ultimately experience the love that I have… for YOU.

Have you ever wondered why I tell you to pour out your heart before Me child? To bring all of your doubts, concerns and worries back over to Me, even if it is about Me? That is because your adversary continually attacks My character and My Name, succeeding in drawing my children further away from Me and the life that I have to give.

This concept is the same within your own personal romantic relationship child. Your adversary’s goal is to draw you and your loved one further away from one another, leading to resentment, bitterness, anger and disunity. Do not let him win child.

The best way to combat the enemy in any relationship is to communicate all of your doubts and assumptions of one another back to each other. Gently that is. Maintain kindness and do this gently. This will expose any lie that each person may be entertaining. In fact, this will allow the truth to be uncovered, leading to more life, more peace and more freedom with one another. Pray for one another and gently talk it through. Set a guard of protection around your mind child. And always be willing to be honest and come to a place of understanding one another.

And this same approach I simply ask of you back to Me. Do not let the enemy draw you away from Me child.

Seek Life, Seek Peace, Seek After Me

Writing inspired by The Father and His Son, The Christ.

Cynthia Niles

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