True Infinite Light Pierces That In Which Is Dark

My oh my, has it been such a long time, since I found myself on this beautiful website of mine.  To simply just sit back, away from the chaos and distractions that this world endlessly will bring…. to write.

I have found in my journey that there is a certain level of power and beauty when it comes to expressing your thoughts through writing. For writing is a gift from the Holy One and is a form of art that can be diminished or elevated, contingent upon the level of life we choose to breath into it.

Perhaps we can say this about anything really. For whether it comes to the birds in the sky, the plants and animals of the earth, or even relationships with other people. How much life are we breathing into the human sitting right next to us and across from us? For where there is truth, there is life. Outside of truth results in no life, but death.

What a difficult task this may be toward the person who is in the group of stubbornness, rebellion, or just simply difficult to handle. And what a reminder and a challenge for us to lean further onto the Way that brings life, The Christ, when it comes to breathing life into the next person. For we ourselves must never forget that we too were once stubborn before being captivated by God’s infinite and marvelous light. This should bring us to a place of wisdom and compassion.  A place of humility. This task is indeed something that the world needs and the only way it is fulfilled is if we daily choose to do things God’s way. For there are many people who were once full of life but are now simply deterioriating day by day and falling away.

Back to the gift of writing. For it is this gift that I have learned, can also crumble overtime if life is not breathed into it and if I do not take the time to develop and enhance it. Is there a person or a gift that you, my friend,  are breathing life into, in the form of words spoken or time spent? Or are you, my friend, breathing death into, in the form of words spoken or neglect?

Continue to pray my friends, that the True Infinite Light comes in and pierces the area which is dark. Whether that area is a person, a gift, or any other created thing, continue to pray that The Christ pierces that which is dark.

May ‘The Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you (Numbers 6:24-25).

Be Blessed.




2 thoughts on “True Infinite Light Pierces That In Which Is Dark

  1. Wow, great piece. I also felt that way about my writing a few weeks ago. Thank you for helping me see light in my darkness.

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