4 Step Battle Plan For The Year 2020

Going into the New Year with high expectations and anticipations is something we all should be doing. But let us take a more realistic approach and ask ourselves this question, “Am I equipped to know how to respond during the rocky seasons that may come up this year? 

For example, how does one respond when conflict and offenses come knocking at that their door? How does one respond when he or she loses faith or struggles with doubt? How does one respond when the self confidence begins to fade and one forgets who they are in Christ? 

You see, it is easy for a believer to say from a place full of faith to just, “put your trust in the Lord.” But how would you respond when the distractions cause you to forget the very truths that you currently are holding on to today? How would you respond?

Because we are living in a fallen world and we ourselves are broken too, offenses and discouragements will come. But when they come, are you equipped enough to know what resources to find in how to handle these situations?

With that, if you are reading this and do not have a daily battle plan in staying rooted in the love of the Father, then feel free to journey with me and follow these brief steps below.


          • Take Time To Reflect. Reflect on the highs and lows of 2019. Take each high and give it back to God with thanksgiving. Take each low and examine your emotional state within it. Were you discouraged, were you angry, were you doubtful, etc.


          • Strategize Your Battle Plan. Accept your low for what it is and begin to deal with it accordingly by using scripture. You can start with one scripture per low. Begin digging in the Word to find out what God thinks about it and how you should respond God’s way when it happens. For His way is truth and leads to life. 


          • Post It.  Post it somewhere to look at daily. Perhaps along the bathroom mirror. Glance over it and examine yourself daily. 


          • Daily Pray Over It. Declare His Truths Over Your Life or Pray For Deliverance in the area of need. If you see an area where you have fallen short in, ask the Lord for more of His Grace until you begin to see changes within yourself. This daily task should not take more than 5 minutes in your daily morning routine.


My battle plan is written in the next blog as an example. Although it will help you greatly if you personalize it, feel free to use my battle plan as a starting point. These are the trials I had to overcome and still overcoming as I found myself completely isolated for a short season of no longer sensing His voice for the first time in my walk with Him. But He is faithful, as He provided a way of escape that I made the choice to take. 



With that, Let’s start this decade off right, choose life and encounter The Christ for yourself.


Blessings to you and Happy New Year! May God’s Peace Be With You All In 2020!


Question: What are your thoughts?

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