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That infamous shot… The bathroom shot…
I remember this A.M. as I picked up my phone, snapping this bathroom shot, I had every intention to post this up on my IG account as a way of saying, “taking another month off.” For the fruit of concentrating on the Lord and removing every distraction far exceeds the fruit of solely dedicating my time and my talents posting and scrolling endlessly on social media.
For I have never felt so alive, I have never felt so beautiful, and I have never felt SO loved and adored than a time like this before… all due to just trusting in that still small voice saying focus on Me for the next month.”
So, as I pondered on returning back to the game and grind of social media this AM, I was completely ready and willing to take off for the next month…
Until….my phone began to go off.
Until… I was placed in a position to minister to a broken spirit.
Until… I was used by the Spirit to speak life and encouragement over that loved one, the one who is LOVED by the Father.

And then I remembered.

The LORD GOD has graced me and allowed me over the years to use social media as a platform of encouragement, as a platform to personally minister to souls looking for Him, as a platform to show His Love and Goodness through my life. As a platform to glorify Him.
So here I am, not sure what the next posts will look like from here on out or even how often they will be. But for this month, the month of July, I am choosing to be intentional in using IG, no more scrolling for hours on end; for true life is worth so much more than that❤️
I challenge YOU to do just the same.

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