Pray For Discernment | Daily Devotional

Discernment. The ability to see another more clearer than what the eye can visibly see.

Like an x-ray,  having discernment will give one in on the secret thoughts and hidden motives of another. For discernment is guided by wisdom, and wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord. And if one wants to successfully navigate through this life then they will need the Lord’s power of discernment and wisdom.

Pray daily for discernment and do not forget to act on it once it has been given.

Father God, Thank you for the hidden gems You have planted for us throughout Your Word. For You are a gracious God and a Loving God, and graciously gives wisdom to anyone who asks for it. With that, O Lord, may You generously give to us Your wisdom and discernment so we may recognize the things that are true and the things that “appear” to be true in order to make choices that lead to more of You.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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