He Spoke The Word “Freedom” And Fulfilled It In 2018.

As I look through my pictures and videos from 2018, I see growth displaying itself right before my eyes. So much to be grateful for and I  am surprised at how looking at unfortunate circumstances had almost robbed me from seeing the beauty of what The Lord was doing in and around me. I am different and am not the same woman that entered into 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.40.11 AMEach photo within this picture points to the Lord developing purpose and identity in my life. Two days ago,  I found the answer to what He had spoke over my life in January. The Lord spoke the word “Freedom.”  This year, He took me on a journey to discovering what Identity in Christ really means, and not just having head knowledge of it like most of us do. You see, the power behind identity produces FREEDOM. Freedom from self-doubt, self-hate, freedom from comparison, freedom to be at ease with who you were created to be. For every quirky and “weird” side about us could be the very attribute that the Lord created within us to bring Him glory. There are more attributes to Identity that I have yet to discover, but the Lord has placed me on the road this year to discovering it. To finally grasp and understand how to WALK in my Identity in Christ, which produces confidence in self- worth and value overtime. He spoke the word “Freedom” and He fulfilled it. Many teachings and lessons this year and what a journey it has been. But I am confident that everything that happened this year was the Lord’s doing.

Thank You Father God for every single event that has occurred this year. For the mountain tops and the valleys, for the new friends and the disconnecting of friends, for moving me away from old mindsets and into something new, for the successes and the failures, for it ALL Lord God, I thank You. I see purpose in every single event that has occurred this year, leading to the road called Identity, producing in me freedom, purpose and destiny! I am SO looking forward to the road ahead with You Father God! Thank You!


2018 Testimonies Regarding “Identity Attributes” That He Allowed Me To Discover:

January 2018 the Lord gave me one word, “freedom.” This word has been my word throughout this year and as I look back I finally understand what He was doing. I have now discovered the power behind identity and how it produces freedom in a person’s life when we choose to take hold of it.

  1. Made In His Image. From Jan-May2018 I began to believe in God’s Word about being made in His image. I started declaring what He said about me over my life, stating, “Lord God, I have been created in Your image and in Your likeness. For it is YOU that has given me the power to critically think!” I declared this every morning before starting class in nursing school. The result, I ended my final semester making all A’s. My whole life I believed in a lie of not being smart enough, up until I decided this year to believe and declare God’s Word over my life.
  2. Wonderfully Made. When you take hold of this truth and understand that you have been distinctly created to be unique and were not meant to be like everyone else, you will begin to walk different. The Lord revealed this scripture to me in October and since then, I no longer struggle with comparing myself to anyone because I now understand how unique I am in Christ. My prayer is that the same thing will happen for you. You are different ON PURPOSE and were never meant to be like the next person!
  3. Created To Be Holy. This can only occur ‘naturally’ when one comes to the knowledge and understanding of their identity being used to reveal the glory of God.

2 thoughts on “He Spoke The Word “Freedom” And Fulfilled It In 2018.

  1. I am blessed by this testimony. For me, God taught me the word “Intentional” so that I could effectively be the salt and light in my family, friends, community and nation.

    God bless you this 2019. I hope you’ll experience more breakthroughs this year.

    1. Amen sis and so good and convicting. Have you blogged about your experience with the word “intentional?” Would love to read about what the Lord has taught you! Blessings to your 2019 year as well sis and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!

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