Communicate Your Doubts/Assumptions | Fostering A Relationship God’s Way

Beautifully Rewritten Daughter of God, To the one who is struggling in a personal relationship, blessed one this letter is for you. You see child, I actually want you to win. I want you to experience the love that I have created for you to enjoy. I want you to ultimately experience the love that [...]

CHAOS AROUND THE COUNTRY |Effects From A Broken World | Rest In Peace George Floyd

You will never hear me take away from the murder of this young man. For there are many forms of murder in this world. Some murders are loud and clear and others go unnoticed, but nevertheless murder is still MURDER! How disgusting and how terrible, my heart is aching over this as I too think [...]

Through The Lens Of Truth | 2020 Battle Plan

Through The Lens Of Truth | 2020 Battle Plan

Realism, "the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly (" Realism. Realism takes courage. It takes courage to venture back into situations that may have scared you. Back into the things that have offended and discouraged you. Back into the things that may have [...]